Top 5 Travel Deal Websites for Your Next Trip

Traveling is an effective way to detach yourself from work, school or any stressful endeavors in your life. It is also a moment to relax, get some fresh air and connect with nature and your loved one. Sadly, study shows that 29 percent of American adults have never been abroad. To many Americans, it is simply because they find traveling abroad to be expensive.

However, that is not the case. Given the fact that there are many airfare deal websites, great travel deals can be found easily as long as you know the best websites to look.

So, would you be enticed to go for a trip if you find a good deal?

Before booking your flight, I put together some of the travel deal websites that I regularly check every day. These websites have helped me save a great deal of money for my past and future trips and I’m sure they will help you as well 🙂

This is one of the best deal websites for many flights from the United States to destinations all around the world. You can subscribe to their newsletter and make sure to check your email every day. Best tip, if you find a good deal on the spot, book immediately. Otherwise, the deal will be gone within minutes.

The idea of putting together all the travel deals based on specific region is very brilliant. For example, if you are from Indonesia, you will click the “E.Asia” from the list and the website will give you a compilation of deals from the cities in Indonesia to another country. I recommend checking this website regularly since you don’t want to miss out on a really good deal.

TravelZoo is very helpful for navigating your next trip. If you like spontaneous trip, you can choose a 4 nights trip to Paris including flights for only $499 (limited time) or Ireland Fly and Drive Trip at Top 20 feature on its website. Just pack and go!

The website is originally based in the UK and it shows all sorts of travel deals. They offer a ton of routes and mistake-fares that give you cheaper flights. Interestingly, besides tours and activities that they promote on their website, they also recommend the best AirBnB place to stay.  It is definitely worth it to save some bucks using this website.

Finding this website is like finding a diamond for the traveler hunter. Skiplagged applies an innovative tactic to save you money on flights. How do they operate? After entering your destination and the date, the service searches for direct flights and flights that are headed on to another destination but making stop or layover in your destination city. That way, you can’t check luggage because you will be on a flight with many people that surely going in a different direction from yours. Nevertheless, it is still an affordable option for those who don’t like to check-in luggage and has flexible travel times.

Do you have any other suggestions for amazing travel deal websites? Please comment below and I will check it out!




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  1. I use it for within the US and to and from the US travel. They have features like Price Comparison (with other travel websites) and Hacker Fares (round trip via multiple airlines).


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